DLPS Coating Services is providing high quality custom coating services to the region.

Our state-of-the-art facility is situated near Abqaiq with over 1,700m2 of closed workshop space to provide the highest quality to our clients.


-Internal / External Heat Cured Coating of Spools, Vessels, Heat Exchangers
-Internal / External Coating as per APCS 1, APCS 2, APCS 4, APCS 6, APCS 11, APCS 26, APCS 27, APCS 100, APCS 102, APCS 104, APCS 113, APCS 117
-Internal / External Girth-weld (Liquid / FBE)
-Robotic Internal / External Field Joint Coating
-Metal Rebuild and Repair Services
-On Site Coating Services


Completed Projects

Workshop Projects

FBE Custom Coating

On Site Applications

Metal Repairs